Levon V Lusignan, the last King of Cilicia, ruled only one year – from 1374 to 1375.
He lived in France when the Queen of Cilicia Marion asked him to return to his homeland and stand for the throne. He left his unconcerned life and moved to Cilicia. Levon V had numerous international connections; thus the influence of European culture and lifestyle on Cilicia was noticeable.
During his reign, the political situation in the region continued to be tense and the great Kingdom gradually lost its immense power. After several fierce battles against superior Mamluk forces, the Kingdom fell. Till the very end of the defense, King Levon V stayed in the capital of Cilicia – Sis. He and his family were captivated by the enemies. Later, Levon V was freed with the mediation of Pedro IV of Aragon and moved to Europe. He never recovered his throne and died in Paris on November 29, 1393. King Levon V was buried among French monarchs in Saint-Denis, Paris.